The Antonelli Orchestra - Dinner & Dance
8. December 2023 at 17:30
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The Antonelli Orchestra - Dinner & Dance

Dinner & dance with The Antonelli Orchestra

Look forward to a fantastic dinner & dance evening with the popular The Antonelli Orchestra.

Before the orchestra takes the stage, we offer a 3-course menu with water and wine ad libitum during dinner.

Dinner and Dance with The Antonelli Orchestra comes to Sergenten and plays all the lovely and fantastic songs that we all love from Vild Med Dans and had forgotten we loved – songs we just can’t sit still to.

The Antonelli Orchestra was formed in 2005 by bandmaster Claes Antonsen for the TV2 program Vild med Dans, which has since been voted by the BBC as the world’s best Dancing with the Stars orchestra. So put on your dancing shoes for a festive evening of dancing with The Antonelli Orchestra.

The Antonelli Orchestra - Dinner & Dance
8. December 2023 at 17:30
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Concert incl. 3-course menu

  • 3-course dinner composed by Jesper Koch
  • Specially selected wine menu – beer, wine and water ad libitum during dinner
  • Concert with The Antonelli Orchestra

Be aware that you may end up sharing a table with other guests.
Unfortunately, allergies, diets or other special diets cannot be taken into account.


17.30 The doors open
18.15 3-course menu incl. wine and water ad libitum during dinner
20.30 Coffee and tea with sweets from the buffet
21.00 Bar opens with possibility to buy drinks
22.00 Concert with The Antonelli Orchestra
22.45 Break with the possibility of buying drinks in the bar
23.00 Concert with The Antonelli Orchestra
23.45 Thank you for tonight


The entire Danish dance orchestra

The Antonelli Orchestra

They play with the classics. They throw themselves into musical tasks that no one else dares. Energy, creativity and courage, based on some of the most talented and experienced musicians in Denmark, have made The Antonelli Orchestra a household name.

You know them from TV. Over one million Danes hear them week after week when they control the ballet in TV2’s popular show Vild Med Dans and are behind some of the country’s biggest artists in Toppen af Poppen.

With their warm and swinging versions and interpretations of everything from classical pieces to modern pop hits, The Antonelli Orchestra, like no other orchestra, has long since set the standard for an unforgettable party – wherever it takes place. Separately, they master everything from classical music to the most modern hits and together they can play everything.

In an age where music is produced in meter measures, The Antonelli Orchestra is vibrant live music, played by real musicians. The real thing, delivered at a level worthy of the greatest artists.

This is why The Antonelli Orchestra plays music. And that is why they lift up every audience, for every occasion.

Enjoy the Koch's concert menu

For this evening, Jesper Koch has designed an exquisite 3-course menu, where the best ingredients and food traditions come to the fore. Wine menu with wines selected especially for the food is included in the ticket price.

Jesper Koch is at the head of Alsik’s gastronomic universe. He has developed and manages the hotel’s restaurants, Restaurant Alsik, Freia Bar & Lounge and the Michelin restaurant Syttende.

After working at a string of restaurants at home and abroad, including several Michelin restaurants, and after founding several restaurants, the Sønder Jutland chef has returned home to put Alsik and Sønderborg on the gastronomic map.

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The hotel is just a few hundred meters from Sergenten and offers beautiful, well-furnished rooms and a sumptuous breakfast buffet.

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If you book your accommodation at the same time as you order your concert ticket, we can offer you a special price for the event in the room. (Applies only when booking on Ticketmaster and in limited numbers).

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